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For more than a century, J.B. Newall Memorials has been designing and manufacturing headstones in Hebrew for the British Columbia Jewish community. We are very familiar with the appropriate size, style and design requirements for the various Jewish cemeteries in the lower mainland. We will ensure the headstones will adhere to the traditional format, be created out of the highest quality granite and be completed on time, for the scheduled unveiling date.

We are very proud and honoured to continue the tradition of creating beautiful, high quality cemetery headstones and grave markers and are committed to doing so for many more generations to come.

Client Testimonials

  • “Thank you for the so very human way you conduct your business. You have treated me with respect, efficiency and… tenderness. This speaks to me of long experience in working with people in the extremes of discordance. As well, you have not worked from under a shell of emotional separation from your clients. Your example has helped me to remain in the present while I deal with the unconscionable. It is brave of you to be open this way. You have my thanks and my admiration.”

    Milton M. | Schara Tzedeck Cemetery, New Westminster
  • I’d like to thank you people from the bottom of my heart for everything that you’ve done for my mom and for our family. You were very supportive and very understanding and we appreciate that. Everything was well organized everything was on time and I thank you for your help.

    Schwartzman-Steele Family, Schara Tzedeck Cemetery, New Westminster
  • “I would like to take this opportunity to raise our hands in gratitude for all of your assistance in making this happen. When we did our unveiling of your beautiful work, we did make mention of how extremely helpful the staff was.”

    Cheyenne, Schara Tzedeck Cemetery, New Westminster
  • “Thank you for your input to the design for my wife’s headstone. Your creativity together with your sensitivity and caring during my difficult times have resulted in a headstone that is more than the perfect one I was striving for.”

  • “Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous service. You put my mind at ease knowing I was in the hands of such professional and knowledgeable people.”

    Sarah Groberman | Schara Tzedeck Cemetery

Product Options

  • Black granite pillow marker

    All polished sides, on a polished black granite base

  • Black granite pillow marker

    All polished sides, on an unpolished light grey granite base

  • Black granite pillow marker

    Rough pitched (three unpolished sides), on a polished black granite base

  • Black granite pillow marker

    Rough pitched (three unpolished sides), on an unpolished light grey granite base

  • Light grey granite pillow marker

    All polished sides, on a polished black granite base

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a marker be purchased from J.B. Newall Memorials, or, does it have to be purchased from a funeral home or cemetery?

A marker can absolutely be purchased from us and does not have to be purchased through a cemetery or funeral home.

If I purchase outside of the cemetery, will they still accept and install it?

Yes, absolutely! Once an order is placed with us, we take the steps to ensure with the cemetery that the correct size and style of marker is permitted on the plot. We then get an approval, in writing, from the cemetery.

Do I need to make an appointment to purchase a granite marker or bronze marker?

Yes, please contact us to make an appointment.

Do I need to make an appointment when inquiring about purchasing a monument?

Yes, please contact us to make an appointment.

What information do you need from me to obtain a quote or place an order?

We require the name of the cemetery, section and plot location. Also, let us know if you are wanting the new marker to match an existing one.

Do I need to come to your office to purchase a granite or bronze marker?

Not necessarily. If you are unable to come in to see us, we can certainly communicate via telephone or email.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes we do. We also have design catalogues for viewing also at our shop.

What is 'Monumental Grade' granite'?

All granite is not created equal; it has different properties, characteristics and mineral composition. 'Monumental Grade' is the highest grade of granite and must meet standards and requirements such as:
*Granite that is highly dense; to ensure low moisture absorption and to aid against staining and weathering
*Granite that is free of faults or cracks
*Granite that has not been polished with synthetic substances
*Granite that is suitable for a deep carving

Do cemeteries have marker or monument regulations?

Yes, most cemeteries have different size and finish regulations, depending on which section the plot is located in. We are quite familiar with these different regulations, but it is best if you contact the cemetery to confirm the marker size requirement.

What is your completion time?

For a flat granite in-stock marker, please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for completion.
For a bronze marker, please allow approximately 12 weeks for completion after a layout has been approved.
For an in-stock granite pillow marker, please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for completion.
For a custom designed granite upright monument, please allow approximately 16-20 weeks for completion.

Can I have a language other than English on my marker or monument?

Yes, certainly. Mandarin, Persian, Russian, Japanese, Romanian, Greek just to name a few... Any language can be placed on a marker.

Do I get shown a layout or design before my marker or monument is made?

Yes. Once your order is placed, you will receive a layout(s) for your approval before we proceed with production.

Do you do custom artwork?

Yes, we certainly do. Let us know what you have in mind.

Where is the work done?

All of designing and granite carving and hand etchings are done at our shop in Vancouver.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we have a limited warranty on all of the work we do.

Can you create a new memorial to match an existing one?

Certainly, you can send us a photo, or we will go out on site to the cemetery to view an existing memorial and will match it up as closely as possible.

How do you add a new/additional inscriptions to an existing monument?

For upright monuments, we go out on site, to the cemetery with our equipment to complete the new inscription. Please note however, on site works can only be commenced during the warm, dry summer months.

Do you have granite upright monuments in stock?

Yes, we do usually carry a few styles and sizes in stock. Please contact us and we can let you know if we have any in stock that adhere to the cemetery regulations, your family plot is located in.

How far in advance should I make arrangements when ordering a Jewish headstone?

We recommend making arrangements with us at least 8 weeks prior to an unveiling date, for a standard pillow marker style headstone. For upright monuments, a minimum of 4 months is required.

Does an unveiling date have to be set before purchasing a Jewish headstone?

No, you can make arrangements for the headstone prior to setting an unveiling date.

Do I need to know how to read or write Hebrew?

No, we will take care of that for you.

Can I put a photo / portrait on my marker or monument?

Yes, a photo is a beautiful way to memorialize your loved one. The portraits we offer are the highest quality in the memorial industry are fully warrantied against fading or cracking.

Do you deliver to the cemetery?

Yes, we take care of the delivery to the cemetery.

Do you set/install the monument in the cemetery?

Depending on the cemetery. Some cemeteries require us to set the monument, while others require us to only deliver the monument and have their staff set them.

Do you ship memorials?

Yes, we do.

Do you sell flower vases?

Yes, we do sell a variety of flower vases.