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Memorial Restoration, CLEANING & Maintenance

We are experts in the field of grave marker, headstone, tombstone and monument restoration and refurbishment. We have decades of experience, studied and researched old and new techniques and have special ‘family recipes’ to help restore and preserve pieces both cosmetically and structurally.

We have been involved in committees that have refurbished entire sections in both Mountain View and Christ Church cemeteries.

We would be happy to discuss restoration, cleaning and refurbishment options with your family, whether it be for a grave marker, headstone, gravestone, tombstone, bronze memorial or an upright monument.

STONE Inscriptions

When adding a new name, date or epitaph to an existing piece, we take a very close look at the letter style and will match it as closely as possible, whether it was a hand cut style produced sixty years ago or a style created within the last few years. The piece is then completely restored to look like new again.

For the larger jobs, such as upright monuments, we will go out on site to the cemetery, during the warm, dry summer months to complete the new memorial inscription.


Have a something different in mind? We can help you create a piece of commemorative art for your family whether it’s for a cemetery, private garden or special place.